What Is it?

What is the Kights Scanner and how does it help in stopping the spread of viruses?

Simply put, the Kights Scanner is an instant, automatic, infrared body temperature scanner.

The Kights Scanner can be used to pick up whether a person is displaying a potentially elevated body temperature, simply by being operated within close proximity to the person. The scanner is an efficient tool which can easily contribute to the security measures and precautions that you’re taking to guard against unwell or infected people entering your facility.

The high-speed Scanner quickly scans a person’s body temperature and instantly displays the result on an easy-to-read LCD screen.  If the reading is within a safe temperature range (default 35-37.2°C) a green light will appear, and the person can move on.  If the temperature is found to be abnormal (outside the default range) an alarm will sound, and a red light will appear.

The Kights Scanner Features:

  • High-tech thermal infrared imaging sensor.
  • No-contact system. Temperature can be measured from up to 50cm away from the device.
  • Fast working. Ability to measure up to 40 people per minute.
  • +/- 0.3°C accuracy if use in conjunction with the recommended settings.
  • Plug and play – simply unpack from the box and plug in for easy operation.
  • Alarm signal for both cold and hot temperatures
  • Protects privacy. No personal data, photos, or logging of personal information.
  • LCD touch screen to adjust settings. Customisable settings include high and low temperature range, distance, and alarm duration.
  • Ability to record usage and number of alarms
  • 40cm range on detection heights (150cm-190). The average Australian adult is 172cm so almost every adult patron should be covered.
  • Child’s size availability. The height is customizable depending on use.
  • CE certified
  • RoHS certified

The Kights Scanner is designed for industry, workplaces, or entertainment venues with high volumes of people or high-risk people coming in and out.

If you’d like to know more about the Scanner please feel free to contact us for a demonstration and a quote today!


Note: The Kights Scanner is not designed as a medical or therapeutic device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of diseases or any other conditions.